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Farm News Our Farm Stand is Open!

We are pleased to let you know that Farm & Wilderness will be offering a farm stand this summer, starting this week (5/27). You can expect to find greens, some root crops, bunching onions, rhubarb, eggs, plants, and meat.   We will also have maple syrup and yarn at the stand.  Milk, strawberries and soap aren’t […]

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Farm News F&W Maple Syrup

As April comes with a promise of spring on the horizon, there are two things on every Vermonters mind: mud and maple syrup. For us here at Farm & Wilderness, this means gearing up to climb the ridge above camps. Our sugar bush is a particularly steep one and still covered with snow and ice […]

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Farm News New Lambs and Kids at the Farm

This has certainly been a lambing season full of surprises! Spotty, born at Farm & Wilderness 16 years ago and thought not to be carrying a baby, decided to surprise us all with a big baby girl now named Stella! Spotty, with her age, cannot produce enough milk to feed her new lamb. Thankfully, another […]

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Farm News Shearing our Sheep

February means that winter is half over and things are going to be picking up at the farm. Our season always begins with shearing our sheep, which starts the process that ends with beautiful skeins of yarn. Most breeds of sheep will grow their wool continuously, so it is important to shear at least once […]

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Farm News Growing Winter Vegetables

Outside snow is on the ground and temperatures are falling below 0, but that doesn’t stop our greens from growing (or at least hanging on for life!) in our hoop houses. Despite the climate here in zone 4, it is still very much possible to keep some vegetables alive throughout the winter season! Crop and […]

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Farm News Farm Update Dec. 2019

I just thought I might give an update about happenings on the farm- both good and less than delightful. The good news is that both Harley and Maisie are expecting calves, Maisie is due early April- about the same time as the new batch of farm crew- and Harley is due in early June. Nova […]

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Farm News Farewell to the 2019 Farm Crew!

Every year, the farm at F&W hires interns to help us out and get ready for the camp season.  This year we ended up with a great group: Anna Brewer, Derek Cote, and Reece Rivas who came together as a team despite very different back grounds and farming experience. Their last day was November first, […]

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Barn Day Camp Zen and the Art of Writing Letters to your Camper

A letter at camp is a magical thing. Campers love getting mail – even mail from a sibling they fight with at home – mail at camp is a piece of home.  Letters can lift the spirits of even the happiest camper and maybe, just maybe, even elicit a reply. Here are some 7 tips […]

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Farm News What We Farm in the Winter

I am often asked, “what do you do on the farm in the winter?” While the fields get plenty of time to rest under a blanket of snow this time of year the farmers still have lots to do. This is the time of year for repairing, studying seed and chicken catalogs, stocking up supplies […]