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Farm News Farewell to the 2019 Farm Crew!

Every year, the farm at F&W hires interns to help us out and get ready for the camp season.  This year we ended up with a great group: Anna Brewer, Derek Cote, and Reece Rivas who came together as a team despite very different back grounds and farming experience. Their last day was November first, […]

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Barn Day Camp Zen and the Art of Writing Letters to your Camper

A letter at camp is a magical thing. Campers love getting mail – even mail from a sibling they fight with at home – mail at camp is a piece of home.  Letters can lift the spirits of even the happiest camper and maybe, just maybe, even elicit a reply. Here are some 7 tips […]

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Farm News What We Farm in the Winter

I am often asked, “what do you do on the farm in the winter?” While the fields get plenty of time to rest under a blanket of snow this time of year the farmers still have lots to do. This is the time of year for repairing, studying seed and chicken catalogs, stocking up supplies […]

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Farm News Farm News

We are expecting our first ewe to give birth around Feb 10 or so! This means keeping a close eye on them 7 days a week and being ready to assist if they need help. Lambs can present themselves in the wrong position during labor or two lambs may present at the same time, in […]

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Farm News Saying Good-bye to Burton (our barn cat)

For those of you who have spent any time at the farm over the last 10 years, you know that our barn cat Burton has been an active and major part of the farm.  She was caught in a trap at the Indian Brook waterfront 10 years ago and has been managing the farm, supervising […]

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Farm News Farm Breakfast Recipe!

Even when temperatures dip, farm staff are out every morning and night doing chores to keep our animals happy and fed through the winter. This is my favorite thing to make for breakfast after early morning chores, using ingredients we’ve stored from the gardens… and a little help from our laying hens. WINTER FARMER’S BREAKFAST […]

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Farm News Meet the Milkers

Fresh milk is a highlight at camp! Say hello to Moon, one of our four furry milk-makers. Moon is our awkward Jersey. She always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even after four years, she seems surprised and twitches her feet when she is prepped for milking. She is perfectly […]

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Farm News 1,800 Bales of Hay in the Barn!

  October 2015 As the weather turns cooler and we start unpacking our winter clothes in anticipation of frosty mornings here at the Farm, it’s a good time to reflect on the warmer days earlier this past summer.   One project we started in June is now wrapping up: filling the barn with organic hay to […]

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Farm News Riotous Growth in F&W’s Gardens!

When I arrived at F&W in early April, it’s hard to imagine that all the future camp’s  organic gardens could fit in small plastic cells in the greenhouse. Keeping every plant alive and toasty in those days was no small feat because the greenhouse is heated overnight with a wood stove and we still had […]