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Farm News Farm Breakfast Recipe!

Even when temperatures dip, farm staff are out every morning and night doing chores to keep our animals happy and fed through the winter. This is my favorite thing to make for breakfast after early morning chores, using ingredients we’ve stored from the gardens… and a little help from our laying hens. WINTER FARMER’S BREAKFAST […]

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Farm News Meet the Milkers

Fresh milk is a highlight at camp! Say hello to Moon, one of our four furry milk-makers. Moon is our awkward Jersey. She always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even after four years, she seems surprised and twitches her feet when she is prepped for milking. She is perfectly […]

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Farm News 1,800 Bales of Hay in the Barn!

  October 2015 As the weather turns cooler and we start unpacking our winter clothes in anticipation of frosty mornings here at the Farm, it’s a good time to reflect on the warmer days earlier this past summer.   One project we started in June is now wrapping up: filling the barn with organic hay to […]

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Farm News Riotous Growth in F&W’s Gardens!

When I arrived at F&W in early April, it’s hard to imagine that all the future camp’s  organic gardens could fit in small plastic cells in the greenhouse. Keeping every plant alive and toasty in those days was no small feat because the greenhouse is heated overnight with a wood stove and we still had […]

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Farm News Oh The Many Adventures We Go On …

We’ve had quite a journey at Flying Cloud. It’s pretty amazing how much can happen in so few days. So here’s what we’ve been up to. A few days after we hiked down to the Plymouth camps for dinner with Timberlake and then an all-camp Interdependence Day (full of songs, skits, ice cream, music, and […]

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Farm News Spring On The Farm

So here we are in the thick of it: Seeds have sprouted, we have started to harvest greens and radishes, and we’re expecting kale and lettuces soon from beds planted in the late winter. Outside, the ground has been prepped, and strawberries and rhubarb have been uncovered. The greenhouse is hopping, it smells wonderful and […]

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Farm News Farm Happenings!

Wow this is seriously overdue!   I suppose that is how it goes in farming.  We certainly have had some changes on the farm this year. Our haying this summer was plentiful; we now have a barn full of hay and didn’t have to buy any. A  Bridgewater field we now have access to allowed us […]

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Farm News New goats, lambs and rabbits

Since July, so much has happened at the Farm. At the moment, we’re watching three new goat kids. Both Rosie, one of the Nubians, and Cotton, the Lamanche, had a pair of twins with one boy and one girl each.  Nellie, an Alpine goat, will give birth sometime in April, and Ebony, another Nubian, will […]

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Farm News SWARM

Something very exciting happened last Wednesday- our brand new hive swarmed.  Now this could have been bad or good; for us it was good.  There are various reasons why bees swarm; sometimes they swarm because the queen died and something is wrong. Or, in other cases, the old queen was very productive and had so many babies that the […]