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Barn Day Camp Social Justice at the BDC

Here is a snippet some of the many things we are doing to further social justice at the BDC. While we may plan some activities, most of the work happens around things that the campers are saying. This summer we’ve had a multitude of conversations around race, gender, wealth, and all sorts of things that […]

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Barn Day Camp  “It’s Raining At The BDC During Afternoon Activities”

Hello, Folks! Second session is under way and we are having a lot of fun and a lot of rain.  At the BDC, we run our program rain or shine. We enjoy the rain because it sparks new creativity among campers and staff alike. Swim lessons happen in the Barn while other activities happen at […]

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Barn Day Camp An Amazing First Week and a Half

It’s been a great week and a half of camp so far! We saw a lot of rain in the afternoons of our first week, but that didn’t dampen our fun. Our rain buckets were filled to the rim with water to play with in the sandbox. We had a mamma Robin with 4 eggs […]

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Barn Day Camp Success from Experimenting!

We are wrapping up the summer at the BDC and getting ready for Fair. This summer we had beautiful weather and a lot of laughter. We harvested gardens, climbed crates, built fires, passed knife tests, shot off NASA approved bottle rockets, made danger candy, dug holes and filled them back in, created an all-camp monster […]

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Barn Day Camp First BDC Session Wrapping Up!

Wow! What an exciting first session! I just looked at the pictures on the website. I kept thinking how lucky I am to direct this camp. Some would look at the pictures and think these must be from days that aren’t part of the regular schedule. I mean, who has afternoon activities that involve shaving […]

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Barn Day Camp Here Comes Session One!!

Hello from the Barn Day Camp!   We have spent a busy couple of weeks in staff training getting ready to host our campers. We’ve learned group games, designed a group contract, sang many songs, and got CPR/First Aid certified. The weather has been spectacular. Today is our first day of rain, which did not […]

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Barn Day Camp Topsy Turvy Tuesday

Topsy Turvy Tuesday is a favorite day at the BDC. Crazy outfits, silly activities, outrageous songs, the infamous slip ‘n slide, and a square dance always make this day special!! Last week on Topsy Turvy Tuesday, we had one of the most memorable of these days that I can remember in my 16 years at […]

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Barn Day Camp Closing Session Two at the BDC

We closed Session 2 on Friday with a glorious overnight and 87 happy campers!! About 80 happy campers slept out in shelters and tents on a warm clear night with a tiny bit of rain showing up late and lots of laughs all night long. When campers returned to the barn in the morning, their […]

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Barn Day Camp Staff fun at the Barn Day Camp!

At the Barn Day Camp, we spend a significant amount of time training our staff on working with kids. We teach staff how to use the values of Farm & Wilderness, the “SPICES” (Service, Peacemaking, Integrity, Community, Equity and Simplicity) in our work with children. We also know the importance of having fun with our […]