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Barn Day Camp Creating and Maintaining Our Footpaths

Imagine being able to play in waterfalls, explore old cellar holes, and see vistas of mountain peaks spreading into the distance, all while not going any further than around the block. That’s the opportunity that awaits Farm & Wilderness campers and staff! With our new Ninevah Foundation partnership, and agreements with the State of Vermont, […]

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Barn Day Camp Social Justice at the Barn Day Camp

At the BDC, like all of the F&W camps, it’s not a hope that staff address issues around social justice, it’s an expectation. Social Justice at the BDC is exposing kids to the knowledge that may be different than they have experienced. It’s allowing the kids to explore and make choices. It’s about weaving it […]

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Barn Day Camp Feeding Spiders

We are wrapping up our final session of the Barn Day Camp. This second-to-last week has been really fun. Today we tried a new afternoon activity: “Catching Flies to Feed to Spiders.” The kids and staff came up with a way to catch the flies by standing in a circle and catching them off of […]

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Barn Day Camp Simplicity, Community, Stewardship

The summer is flying by at the Barn Day Camp. We have begun our second set of overnights. Our baby pigs are getting really big, Condor the rabbit is looking for a playpen so he can be out of his cage more, and our goats are busy trying to figure out ways to escape from […]

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Barn Day Camp Topsy Turvy Tuesday

Yesterday, we had our first Topsy Turvy Tuesday of the year! Topsy Turvy Tuesday is a beloved tradition at the Barn Day Camp.  The whole morning is – you guessed it – topsy and turvy.  Campers and staff dress in costumes, have special activities (like the giant water-slide) with a group of campers different than […]

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Barn Day Camp Interdependence Day

This past Friday we celebrated Interdependence Day at Farm & Wilderness. Interdependence Day is a time to honor all that is interconnected at F&W and beyond… oh and have a really good time. Campers spend days preparing for this event: writing and rehearsing songs, making props and costumes, and SAM camp puts an enormous effort […]

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Barn Day Camp We Love the Cooks!

Farm & Wilderness is one of the best places to eat in Plymouth Vermont! The past few days we’ve had quiche & salad, lasagna and antipasto, stir-fry with chicken or tofu, spanakopita, potato skin bar with all sorts of toppings, Chili with cornbread, eggs-in-a-hole, popovers, farm-fresh milk and more.  If you have a dietary restriction […]

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Barn Day Camp Barn Day Camp is off to a Great Start!

Hello All. We are midway through our second session after a packed and super fantastic one-week first session. Week one, the weather was perfect for swim lessons and the rain held off for Adventure Day. This week has been a VT heat wave. We are in the lake A LOT and the gardens are looking […]

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Barn Day Camp Free Camp Day at the Barn Day Camp!!

Free Camp Day at the Barn Day Camp 6/30: 10 am-12 pm – A special event for families with kids 4-10! Bring some friends to experience a morning at the Barn Day Camp. Activities include waterfront (bring a suit), arts & crafts and more!! Rain or shine! Chaperones required and whole-family fun guaranteed 🙂 RSVP […]