Thrive for 75 FAQ's

It is common practice for nonprofit organizations to run a capital campaign when there is need to fund specific capital projects – often buildings or endowments – above and beyond the annual fundraising the organization undertakes.

However, a capital campaign is also an opportunity for an organization to do much more than simply build buildings or create scholarship funds.

  • Capital campaigns are about building relationships. In the case of F&W, this Campaign will allow us to be in touch with hundreds of more families, alumni, and friends than we would in non-campaign years.
  • Campaigns are also about telling stories. The Thrive for 75 Campaign gives us a chance to tell the story of F&W on the occasion of our 75th Anniversary. Everyone who hears about the Campaign will be reminded of our enduring values and learn of our goal to thrive for the next generation of F&W campers.
  • Finally, a campaign is a way for the full F&W community to come together to show our strengths and our commitment to each other and to the Camps. Think of it as one big, multi-year, multi-million-dollar work project!

A capital campaign is for projects and initiatives with permanence. Regardless of whether or not Farm & Wilderness is running a capital campaign, we still rely on the yearly donations to support our operating budget and, in a large part, campership for that year. Like any college or school, F&W cannot meet its annual operating budget on revenues from tuition alone. We call this yearly fundraising the “Annual Fund.”

Most gifts to the Annual Fund are “unrestricted” meaning that F&W can use the money where it is needed most. This includes the costs of a wide range of experiences, opportunities, and materials that benefit all campers. At F&W we also accept Annual Fund gifts that are “restricted” specifically for Campership, as that is a high priority for us and our community. Whatever their purpose, annual gifts are intended for immediate expenditure.

The Annual Fund was here before the Thrive for 75 Campaign and will be here after the Thrive for 75 Campaign. You’ll see below that we include it in our overall Campaign financial goal so that we encourage continued gifts to the Annual Fund and celebrate all fundraising happening at F&W during the Campaign.

Yes. About 10 years ago Farm & Wilderness successfully raised $4 million for our Camperships, Cows & Community Campaign. That Campaign ran from 2002 through 2009, raising funds for the Campership Endowment, the Farm Education Barn (Dairy Barn,) and the Resource Building.

Thrive for 75 will build our endowment, strengthen our infrastructure, protect our lands and waters, and expand our community so that we can continue to serve new generations of campers. The underlying goals of the Campaign are to strengthen our community and assure F&W’s long term sustainability. As a result of this Campaign we will have:

  • Connected with a larger number of alumni, family, and friends than has ever happened before;
  • Celebrated 75 years of F&W, while laying a solid foundation for the future;
  • Improved camp buildings so they better meet the needs of staff and campers and better meet energy use and environmental standards;
  • Increased our endowment to provide a steady revenue stream during inevitable economic ups and downs, assuring need-based campership support, a quality staff, and exceptional programs.
  • More than doubled the number of acres of land and water under F&W management and built a fund to sustain our conservation efforts.

Our fundraising goals are:

Campership Endowment Goal: $1.25 million
Building Projects Goal: $2 million
5 Year Annual Fund Goal: $1.5 million
Unrestricted Gifts: $750,000
Total Campaign Goal: $5.5 million

The origins of the Thrive for 75 Campaign are in Farm & Wilderness’ Thrive for 75 Strategic Plan. After two years of input and process with community members, staff and board members, the F&W Board of Trustees approved the Thrive for 75 Strategic Plan in January 2013. The Strategic Plan calls for a Campaign and specifically directs the organization to complete several of the projects now included in the current Campaign goals.

Campership assistance is integral to realizing F&W’s core values and fulfilling our mission. Since becoming a nonprofit, we have awarded more than $8 million in campership, to more than 4,400 children.

Farm & Wilderness currently has an endowment of close to $5 million. The majority of the income the endowment generates is used to provide support for Campership. However, it is not enough to meet the current need.

The Campership Endowment provides a vital, reliable source of campership funding that is available in perpetuity. In the next five years, we seek to raise an additional $1.25 million in campership endowment, growing our dedicated principal to more than $6 million. These funds will ensure our ability to sustain an inclusive community, open to all regardless of socio-economic status.

Farm & Wilderness is committed to providing a safe, supportive built environment, in which campers and staff live, interact and enjoy memorable experiences together. We will replace deteriorating structures as necessary, reduce our environmental impact and create welcoming spaces for campers, staff, parents, alumni and guests to gather. Thrive for 75 has building projects large and small.

Friends Lodge $1 million
Indian Brook Cozy Lodge $500,000
Timberlake Kitchen $375,000
Flying Cloud Roundhouse $65,000
Barn Day Camp Arts Barn $60,000

There are many ways of giving to the Thrive for 75 Campaign, and we look forward to helping you make a meaningful contribution in the way that suits you best. Every gift is important to F&W!

During this campaign we welcome gifts and pledges that combine capital and annual giving. Pledges can be paid over a five-year period. You may direct your gift to a preferred project within the Campaign or apply your contribution to be used where it is most needed. Download a pledge form here.

Give Today

You may give a cash contribution by check or credit card online, donate mutual fund or stock shares, or contribute a fully paid insurance policy or a policy where F&W is the designated beneficiary.

We also welcome conversations about longer term giving to F&W through estate planning.

Whatever form it takes, your gift to Thrive for 75 will make a difference for generations of present and future campers. If you have questions or would to make a gift to Thrive for 75, please contact Thomas Henning, Capital Campaign Director, [email protected], or (802) 422-3761.

Farm & Wilderness is a 501(c)3 charitable organization (EIN: 03-0228965). Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.