Programs & Activities

The Barn Day Camp has three two-week sessions and an end-of-summer one week session, for campers ages 4-10. The Barn Day Camp gives younger children an opportunity to explore the many facets of the farm and the natural world within a nurturing, creative and cooperative community. The BDC fosters self-confidence, creativity, care of others, and care of the environment.

Here are the BDC program areas:

Barns and Gardens

Campers plant flowers, take care of farm animals, weed gardens and harvest vegetables. Goats, bunnies, chickens, ducks and sometimes pigs are constant parts of the BDC farm. Children participate in the process of hatching chicks every summer.

Creative Arts

The arts area has a wide variety of activities: campers can sew, make candles, work with clay, build collages, paint, draw, use paper mâche, bead, and make bracelets.

Outdoor Living Skills (OLS)

Campers learn a variety of skills at OLS. The older ones focus on using a compass, putting up a tarp and building a fire in all kinds of weather. The younger ones learn fire building, tree identification, tent and safety skills. We teach the ‘Leave No Trace’ camping ethic, even to our youngest campers.


Our waterfront is both classroom and playground. Daily swim lessons are balanced with free time to swim, play and cool off. Campers can also learn paddle strokes for an anticipated canoe trip or play in the sand with buckets, pails, goggles and other toys.

Work Projects

At the BDC, kids are encouraged to use tools to make things; whether it’s just for fun, to gain skills, or to add to our camp atmosphere. Campers create projects such as planter boxes, animal pens, cutting boards, toy boats, name plaques or bird houses. They learn to use hand tools and learn all the steps of a project from design and planning, to measuring and cutting, to putting it all together.

Watch a fun video of work projects one sunny BDC summer afternoon.


The BDC has a wonderful indoor climbing wall and access to outdoor climbing as well. For those campers who love this activity, staff can increase the challenge in many ways. We use the climbing wall for team-building with group exercises, non-competitive games and other activities.


Together, we explore and learn about the world around us – from a child’s eye! We look for bugs, bird nests, animal tracks, and listen for the sounds of the forest. Nature objects are included in our art, nature tales find their way into stories and songs, and the natural world imbues all of our imaginative games and activities. Environmental education is the basis for much of our curriculum.


While all our campers are encouraged to spend one-night overnight with us in wilderness camping setting (sleeping in lean-to shelters, tents or tarps and cooking dinner together), the oldest campers (9 and 10) have the option of a two-night wilderness trip. To find out more, call the Main Office or email our BDC camp director, Polly Williams at [email protected]