A Day in the Life of a Barn Day Camper

Campers circle up on the rainbow-colored benches at 9 a.m. for morning announcements, singing at the start of a glorious BDC day. Then they’re off to a day of fun: watching insects, listing to sounds, gathering acorn nuts or splashing at the waterfront.  Campers learn responsibility as well as gain a greater appreciation for the food we eat by caring for the farm animals and tending the garden.

After lunch with some garden snacks and farm-fresh milk, campers move quietly to tree-ringed circle for BDC’s Silent Meeting. After reflection, and some hearty singing, campers choose their afternoon activity. Will they take goats on a walk? Cook meat on a stick? Go on a dinosaur egg hunt ? Or make ice cream?

The late afternoon wraps up with free time to cool off swimming or engineer waterways in the sand with buckets and water. After singing and final circle, they head home happy and eager for the next day!


The overnight camping trip is the highlight of each two-week session. Children carry their sleeping bags, stuffed animals and other belongings to the campsite. They are thrilled to sleep out and cook their own meals. As they drift off to sleep, they listen to the quiet evening wind.