We strive to provide experiential education that transforms our community. Our mission is:

  • To grow the seeds of courage and integrity in all participants
  • To offer rugged, hands-on, outdoor adventure and challenge
  • To encourage hard work and joyful play
  • To create community that values long-term stewardship of our environment


In our values, we reflect our long Quaker history and association. We strive to honor the ‘Light of the Spirit’ in every person; our belief that individuals bring value to the community through their gifts and strengths.

  • Simplicity: Learning to recognize what is central in our lives by listening and learning
  • Peacemaking: Putting peace into practice through action, compassion and resolution
  • Integrity: Acting on our inner voice, which is guided by truth, strength and justice
  • Community: Finding friends, living together, working together
  • Equity: Valuing people for what they bring and who they are
  • Service: Working for our community and for others