It’s a beautiful time in the session.

Campers have settled in and know each other’s names, everyone is getting excited as we bring in new games, new activities, new songs. We just held our second Honoring, so now every one of us has a Flying Cloud blanket. And right around now, in the third week of camp, our little group starts to really feel like a community.

And there’s just enough time left in the session to savor that feeling. Looking ahead, we have a few more days of activities, followed up by our senior camper capstone overnight (a night awareness / scouting experience), and then our second session will be a wrap. We like our last evening at camp to pack a punch, too: Banquet (We’re reprising our menu from our first session: Birria de Res – a stew made with goat meat from our farm), a variety show, and then Closing Friendship Fire, where our community members speak to their Flying Cloud experience as it comes to a close.

Some highlights from last week:

Our trips went out and came back, each a two-night experience of exploring our varied and interesting local areas of Mount Holly and Lake Ninevah. Our campers set eyes on an old mill site, the Tyson waterfalls, the secluded Spruce Point near SAM camp, and one group hiked almost 10 miles to Calvin Coolidge State Park.

Friction fire is back at Flying Cloud! A number of our campers, both new and senior, have been practicing bow-drill in camp, showing spirit and growth in the face of the challenge of creating fire from scratch.

At our Honoring last evening, the final contingent of our group was honored and received their FC Words:

Max T.

Through winter’s birchen glade

of glittering trunks in golden sun

The Lynx weaves silent tracks

Duncan S.

Silhouetted by the sun’s last rays

the Osprey dances on evening’s breeze

Flying towards distant, nested kin

Alex R.

Sitting amidst the chorus

the Coyote watches the dawn.

Melodies weaving together

lift the sun through the sky

Simon K.

Guided by the rising moon

the Bear leads forest life

On twilit paths now set aglow

to still pond’s clear reflection

Sebi F.

From cairn to cairn the Jay calls

venturing forth

through summer meadow’s chorus

Gus M.

Cradled by roots of Maple and Cedar

The Elk again greets the day

Edgar S.

Owl eyes in the embrace of Oak

Sharing grace with the growing dusk

Wesley S.

Born of Robin’s song and golden leaves

A kindled flame in Beech tree’s glade

That’s all for now. See you Saturday!

Take care,


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