Honoring is our way of bringing a rite of passage experience into the lives of our campers. Each new Flying Clouder, staff and camper alike, spends a whole day in silent reflection, sitting up on the mountain above Flying Cloud. During this day pondering who they are, who they have been, and who they want to become. After this day of reflection each person is “spoken for,” or publicly affirmed the next day in a celebratory evening of gravity and merriment.

Finally, each newly honored Flying Clouder is given an FC blanket and Flying Cloud words, which speak to some of the best and most prominent qualities we see in them in camp. The Words are touchstones for growth and personal anchors to the natural world, encouraging each of us to live up to the “best selves” that the community sees in us.  Yesterday, 9 of our group were honored after a day of reflection on the mountain, and here are their Flying Cloud words:

Jack T.

Kingfisher and Lark

Meeting at dawn

The glittering spring

Cradles their dance

John W.

Clouds part before constellations

as foxes bow their heads to the stars

Wesley K.

Bounding hares shake the ground

To praise the fruits of autumn

Eren K.

Among the striped maple’s roots

The mink speaks the spring to life

Wyatt R.

As the rain softens

The sun’s rays fill with golden drops

Illuminating the forest floor

Ethan O.

Each footfall with care

The moose lifts its gaze

Towards the mountain

Lorenzo P.

Weaving with grace as his pack runs

The wolf’s heart lights aflame;

A song of the hearth

Arlo K.

In the hearth of the moonlit eyrie

The eagle welcomes thunder home

embracing an old friend

Pluto E.

From noble heights of white pine’s nest

The osprey knows a turning world

A moonlit hour deepens to rest


That’s all for now. Our group is leaving on trips soon – stay tuned for more!

Take care,


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