Today I woke up and realized: The campers go home next week, and our 10 day campers go home today!

So much has happened in these past 10 days of camp. While much of my time the past several days has been in supporting our COVID response, and in working with staff to both maintain strict cohorting for the remaining First Lodgers, there is much more to our camp story and community than that:

There is joy.

There is adventure.

There is friendship.

There is community.

There is resiliency.

So much to be thankful for as a director from both campers and staff. First and Big Lodge campers have gone on their overnight excursions and have returned with many stories of campfires, silliness, and sleeping under our long lost friends, the stars (which we have been able to see again!).

Senior Lodge had a TP fashion show, which was quite amazing. Their skill in duct tape and the styling of this humble paper product was truly a sight. Especially when they all broke into spontaneous singing of “Oops I Did it Again” ala Brittney Spears. They’ll be getting ready for their overnight, which will be this Friday.

The 15 year old group has begun finishing their stained glass projects, which are really beautiful to see hanging on our windows (until they go home). They have been making great use of our DIY kitchen in Cozy Lodge- baking up a storm and making all sorts of natural teas. They will next be working on building a shelter on our local trail, and going on their overnight excursion.

Such an amazing community, and I am reminded of what a gift is to be here everyday though the laughter, songs, and happiness our campers share with me. Thank you so much for making IB a part of your camper’s summer, and I can’t wait to fill you in next week with our ongoing adventures at camp,


Theresa and the IB staff

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