What a week! At our community meeting yesterday, we were reflecting on all of the things we’ve done so far at Red Spruce Grove… it feels like it’s been a month!  Here are some the camper’s highlights of our first week at The Grove:

Some Roses: (Things We Loved)

Our day hike to Tiny Pond. This was an awesome day of warm sun and cool breezes. We started the journey right from the RSG blueberry field, hiking through the woods for about a mile, and then passing through our neighbors’ property at Forest Echo Farm and stopping to harvest windfallen apples from their orchard. We played “Cougar” along the way – a surprise hiding game – and arrived at the beautiful Tiny Pond in time for a lunch of sandwiches and trail mix. We swam and kayaked, then packed up in order to summit Tiny Mountain. After a challenging uphill climb, we got an incredible view of green rolling hills at the summit!

Swimming in the pouring rain. On the fourth day of camp, both households got caught in a thunderstorm during an afternoon hike. One group figured they were already soaking wet, so they might as well go swimming in their clothes!

Hanging out in Tarp Town, our lovely tarp shelter, and talking with friends.

Cooking dinner. Each household, the Flora and the Fauna, have each had an opportunity to cook dinner for everyone. Flora made breakfast for dinner, and Fauna made vegetable stir-fry.

Harvesting blueberries and making jam. The Fauna household spent an entire afternoon in the blueberry field and harvested several quarts of berries. The next morning, they made a blueberry jam/compote over the fire and we ate in on pancakes!

Chicken wrangling. Our chickens have been a never-ending source of joy, entertainment, and exasperation this summer. We spent a whole morning trying to catch them all to get them back in the coop. We only caught one, but it was such a fun and ridiculous activity.

Some Buds: (Things We Are Looking Forward To)

Guilds, which started this week. Campers pick one activity to focus on for five morning activities. This session, the Guilds are 1) foraging and field guide creation, 2) primitive traps, and 3) quilt making.

24-hour solos, which happen during the last week of camp.

More adventures!

We certainly have lots more adventures planned for the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more! Until next time-


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