Our second session of camp is off with a bang! And a rain cloud and perhaps even a thunderclap here and there. And still our intrepid campers and camp staff press on throughout what surely must be one of the soggiest Vermont summers in recent memory.

If you did not send your camper with rain gear and warm layers- we can lend them something to get by. But please do mail rain jackets, boots, and pants plus snuggly warm base layers to keep campers warm during these cool and wet days. We try to continue on with camp program plans as long as that is safe – and dry and warm campers are a must!

This weekend the sun should be returning, and that will be just in time for First Lodge and the 10-day campers overnight. Peggy’s Pond and Black Pond as well as Tinkerbrook will be the destinations of our enthusiastic and adventurous 9 and 10-year-olds.

This week the Big Lodge group had an Anti-Fast Fashion Show. What a blast it was to see the creativity and joy of campers expressed as they sashayed away down the IB “runway.” Our camp photographer captured some red carpet pics- check those out on smugmug!

Senior Lodge and the 15-year-old groups have begun their programming, as well. The 15-year-olds are getting to do stained glass with Willow (our Assistant Kitchen Manager) again. I can’t wait to see what they create this session! I saw Jessie, the Lodge Coordinator firing up the forge, too. Hopefully, the rain will hold off enough for the Senior Lodgers to make a few hooks, rings, and other metal goodies.

The kitchen is rolling out more amazing food, keeping campers full and fueled. With more coming to harvest in our gardens, our campers will see additional farm-to-table goodness thanks to their own hard work caring for and bringing in the organic crops.

As always, please reach out via email or phone if I can help you with questions or other concerns you might have.

Here’s to drier and sunnier days!!

Theresa (she/hers)  and the IB staff

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