We welcomed our second session campers with a round of name games, first-night spaghetti, and a mad lib created by the campers as they arrived:

“Welcome to SAM Camp! We’re so excited, we want to shout “Hot Dog”! We hope you have a sunny time this summer. The staff has been swimming and talking for 421 days to make sure that the camp is gorgeous and soft for you. We even fixed that annoying car by installing new Gucci bags in the trees!   You all came from so many places, from New York to Los Angeles, bringing all sorts of cute alligators and plenty of geese along the way. Because of that, we have to be extra careful about health and safety, especially in quick times like these. We know that the COVID protocols can be a pain in the leg, but they’re here to keep us safe so that we can have fun.   Just like my friend always said, “When times get squishy, you have to plant and fall with your cheekbone held high.” And we can too! Let’s squat sloppily and choke on vestibules to make this the best summer ever!”


The first three days at camp are spent getting acquainted with each other and the space, learning what activities we have to offer, and preparing for the first three-day backpacking trip of the session. Campers jumped right in to a regular day at SAM camp, including Silent Meeting, Singing on the Hill after every meal, swimming, and so much more. Some campers got to put on a fashion show with items from our Macaroni Outback (mac-o-back, where all the hiking gear lives), while others did collage, played tetherball, a game invented by SAM staff called “Say What?”, amongst others. We ended the first night of camp with a classic, noodle tag!

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