This blog is full of practical information for BDC families.   We send this out in an email as well.

This summer, we are using a car line for drop off and pick up. Adults will not be able to get out of the car. We will meet you and get your child out. Please be prepared. This process takes a while, especially on the first day. Here is how you can help with the process:

  • Make sure your kids are ready to get out of the vehicle. (shoes on, back packs ready)
  • Fill out the Camp Doc prescreening temperature and symptom check each morning. If you don’t have access, please take their temperature and make sure they don’t have a fever or any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Come up with a good-bye ritual that you can do in the car. ( The book “Kissing Hand” was our families’ favorite.)
  • Place your child’s first and last name in your windshield. Make sure it is large so we can read it from a distance. I will not necessarily remember your kids name or be able to tell who you are with masks. I’ve been here since 1981. That’s a lot of folks.
  • At pick-up, chat with your child after they are in the car, not while they are getting in.
    Please be patient with us and understand that the first day is the longest.


Sunday from 2-4 is an Open House. Our assistant director and some staff will be on hand to show you around. Please park in the first parking lot after you enter that will be on your right. Follow the path up the short hill to the Red Barn. This Open House is for new families or families of kids who need to see the place because of anxiety. You may or may not meet your kids’ counselors. We may switch groups all the way up to when folks arrive.


Polly Williams, BDC Director,

BDC office 802-422-3565

Polly’s pager- 1-888-622-3276

Let the service know you want to page Polly at the Barn Day Camp(BDC)

Please Bring every day or leave in cubby:

  • Lunch (no refrigeration or heating up)
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Rainwear (It rains even when the weather says no rain)
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Boots or covered shoes with no holes. (rubber rain boots are great)
  • Water bottle
  • Warm layer


While we wish we could have you at the fence, here’s a video tour of the Day Camp for your camper (and you!) to get a sneak peek at all the fun in store!

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