Quest for Spinach… we need our greens! That classic F&W song has been sung for decades here, and this year we turned it into a COVID-safe Special Edition game for our kiddos. It had all the TL essentials – counselors in costumes, pool noodles, water squirters, and fun skits. It was a BLAST. We needed that play.

It has been a great summer so far. It’s hard to believe we’re over hallway done with the first session. A camp day is like a week in the outside world. When you’re in camp world, it pulls you in completely. It can be difficult to think of the time before campers were here; a time before orchestrating zany adventures, thoughtful moments, and opportunities to build.

There is so much in each day. Just today we:

  • Worked on the Barn!
  • Completed long distance swims on the waterfront
  • Went mattress sliding!
  • Created collages in the Arts-Ma-Hal
  • Climbed the chimney!
  • Welcomed back a couple trips!
  • Had a silent meeting listening to the soft dripping of trees after a rain
  • Sang our hearts out
  • Played basketball and Gag

And that’s just what I know about! There are so many adventures everyday it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

In the last couple days we’ve had Belonging Nights in the various lodges. Each was a bit different to fit the age of the campers, and all focused on discussions around identity essential to creating a kind and inclusive community. Tonight is cabin cookout – hot dogs, s’mores, and cabin adventures. Tomorrow night is Inter-TL-dependence day (Pronounced “Inter-Turtle-Dependence Day”) that includes a large fire and celebrations. That’s the first day of what we call the Final Four – the big events at the end of every session. Stay tuned for an update on those soon!


Camp Magic for real, y’all.



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