SAM Camp is in full swing in our second week of camp – the campers came back from their cabin trips and performed their trip skits – from the skits, we all learned that

·         Killington Cabin brought 21 servings of mac & cheese for one dinner

·         Okemo Cabin struggled with and mastered the hanging of the bear bag

·         PICO Cabin saw a ghost in the kybo (the pit toilet)

·         Glastonbury Cabin invented the Glastonbury Pie, which they made on trail

·         Shrewsbury Cabin, ever ready and early to their destination, encountered PICO Cabin still getting ready to leave from their campsite


While back in camp, we had a Variety Show with jokes, music, pebble stacking, and a new original song about dino nuggets, to the tune of Hallelujah. Our Arts and Gardens Director led us in the Sam Café in which we viewed all the art that has been made at camp, ate fancy snacks, and watched a fashion show with camper-made and designed outfits.

Counselors and staff led the campers in a variety of activities, including the Sam-firmation Fairies, who designed affirmations and placed them around camp as small reminders. One group of campers tie-dyed shirts, while others worked on collage, quilt squares, basket-weaving, sock puppets, silly games, science experiments, garden delights, and of course swimming as much as possible!


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