What a joy to see campers descending the hill at SAM Camp after nearly two years! Despite the rain, opening day was filled with laughter, singing, and—as is traditional–Sam Arfer’s customary first-night meal, spaghetti.

After our first silent meeting of the session, campers had the opportunity to get to know their peers from other cabins through a round of socially-distant roundabout conversations. Them we got our wiggles out with some socially-distanced all-camp games (pool-noodle tag, anyone!?) In the afternoon, campers got to taste a sample of all the different things to do at SAM Camp through our “Activity Appetizers.” Campers wrote poetry, made collages, played theater games, and even had a pet rock show complete with an agility contest!

The sun finally came out on pack-out day (the day before trips leave), as campers and their trip leaders rotated through stations around camp in preparation for their grand adventures: campers set up their gear/food, did some team building, personal packing, and reviewed their trip itineraries.

In the evening the camp joined in a round of Silly Olympics – including bagels on a string, the luge (consisting of marbles and pool noodles), an obstacle relay, and singing songs backwards.

SAM staff sent the campers off for their 3-day backpacking trips in the usual SAM camp fashion – with everyone taking their first step together and announcing “And we’re off!”

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