F&W 2020 Summer Concert Event and Bonfire Livestream!

(and we’re looking for musicians!)

Just because we can’t see each other in Plymouth doesn’t mean that we can’t get together this summer! Music has always been at the core of the F&W experience – from Winds of the People to Wagon Wheel – so what better way to celebrate old friendships and new traditions than a virtual concert on Fair Weekend?  There will be lots of ways for both famous and yet-to-be famous musicians to participate – even if you can only sing a single note (literally!).   Of course, everyone can participate just by watching.  Will there be T-shirts? Yes!   And, maybe best of all, Concert 2020 will conclude a virtual Fair bonfire! Folks are proud to say they got muddy building the FC pond, framing the dance barn, and blazing the CCC trail.  F&W is partly about its shared history.  Make sure that you will be able to tell future campers that you were there for the first (and we hope only) virtual Fair bonfire – because while the concert will be available as a digital download forever, we are only going to show the bonfire live just once.

We are looking for community members who love to sing and play instruments to join in on the video. Help make this a true community event and enter the raffle to be one of the singers of a camp song by July 8th.

Here are the details:

July 8th Deadline – send your name and camp to Thomas Henning (thomas@farmandwilderness.org) if you’d like to be among those chosen by lottery to sing or play a camp song. We’ll be picking 10 people from each camp by pulling their names out of a (virtual) hat. We will send the winners instructions for how to record themselves singing and then we will have an editor put the tracks together into a seamless performance.

More info to come. Stay tuned!

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