Andy Goldsworthy is a famous environmentalist who creates incredible statues using nature as his medium while in the outdoors. In a recent article, he explains five lessons that creatives can learn. They are: Don’t copy, embrace discomfort/always push yourself, understand your materials, dig deep, and trust the ones you love. You can see some of his incredible work below.

So many of these are in line with the creativity we see and do at camp. One of the informal activities that often happens at Farm & Wilderness is making art from the materials we find around us – think fairy houses or balanced rocks.  I love it when I happen upon these, at camp or in my city or on forest rambles.  Below are some fun ones I have found.

This is something that can be done now, wherever you are, with materials around you.

Send us pictures of your creations!

– Michelle Golden, Program Director



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