What a wonderful way to eat cabbage. And a camp favorite at FC. Wondered how you could make your own ‘crunchy ocean’ (as RSG campers call it) at home? Well, wait no longer! This activity takes less than an hour, and in a week’s time, you will have something strange and delicious to eat that you made with your own hands.

You will need:

One head of cabbage


A mixing bowl

A large jar or crock to ferment in

A smaller jar with lid, or something to use as a weight

Tasty things to add flavor

How to do it:

First, cut the cabbage into small pieces. I like thin strips- the thinner the better in my opinion, especially with the chunky vein parts of the leaves. The pieces should be small enough you wouldn’t mind, say, eating them raw on a taco.

Next, put the cabbage into the mixing bowl and add salt. If you’re using a whole head, start with a tablespoon and expect to add more.

Now, using your hands, massage and squeeze the salt into the cabbage. If you want, you can fill your smaller jar with water and pound the cabbage a little, especially the thicker pieces. A few minutes of this and the water should start to come out of the cabbage leaves, making the mixture wetter.

I just do this until the mixture is getting a little sloppy and I’m getting bored. At that point, take a taste. Because the taste will change as it ferments, you want the cabbage to be just barely too salty. Adjust the salt if need be, and add anything you want to use to flavor the kraut. I recommend caraway seeds, or some garlic and lemon juice.

Now it’s time to let it ferment. Pack the kraut into your large jar, and fill the small jar with water to use as a weight on top. Press the whole mess down a little. If the kraut liquid doesn’t quite cover the cabbage, top it off with water.

Cover with a kitchen cloth and let sit at room temperature for a week. For a stronger taste let go longer, for milder try 5 days.



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