While there are a lot of things that we are unable to control during this time, one thing we do have control over is taking care of ourselves.  This begins with washing your hands. If you didn’t think I was going to start there, then you’ve never met me! Follow the CDC recommendations on how to wash your hands completely with soap and water as often as possible. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.  A neat little exercise my momma (who is also a nurse) taught me when I was growing up is something you can do in your own kitchen!


  • Any kind of cooking oil
  • Ground Cinnamon (if you are allergic to cinnamon… please use a different spice)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Soap and Water


  • Coat your hands with a thin layer of the cooking oil.
  • Sprinkle the ground cinnamon on the palms and back of your hands.

Test 1:

  • Without soap or water try to rub the oil and cinnamon off your hands.

Test 2:

  • Apply a typical amount of hand sanitizer to your hands and try to remove the oil and cinnamon off your hands.

Test 3:

  • Using soap and water for 20 seconds try to remove the oil and cinnamon from your hands.

What was the result of the three tests?  Were you surprised by the test results?

This little exercise is a larger picture of what happens at a microscopic level on your hands!  We can’t always see the oil on our hands and what germs, viruses or bacteria are present.  Doing this little game reminds us it is best to use soap and water whenever it is available.  Hand sanitizer can be a great tool to help reduce the number of microbes on your hands, but does not eliminate all types of germs and dirt.

Other things that you can do to remain healthy include the following:

  • Don’t share glasses, plates or utensils, even with family members
  • Don’t share towels
  • Cover your cough with the inside of your arm, NOT your hand
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Speak up! If you do not feel well, tell someone. Do not hide symptoms out of fear.  Speak with your parents or an adult so that they can help you receive the care you need.

And of course, I’m going to say it again…. WASH YOUR HANDS!

Stay safe and healthy out there,

Terri Hunt, Farm & Wilderness Head Nurse



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