In different ways, all of us are working through this new world we live in.  At my house, we are definitely using food and the kitchen as a way to play, explore, and try new things.  At Tamarack Farm, we often use the kitchen in the same way.  How about bringing a little Tamarack Farm fun into your house right now?

Cooking is a great way to calm the nerves, focus on something positive, nourish and give back to those around you.  Here are a few tips for trying something new in Covid-19 times.

  1. Plan ahead, check-in with an adult in the house about your plan and look through some recipe books and pick something to make.
  2. Plan something new and fun, but maybe not over the top. Don’t pick a dish that needs items you have to go to a specialized store to get.
  3. In these times, some families are going to the grocery store much less often. Make sure to have your list ready for when your family is getting their groceries. Check that list several times. If you miss an important item, you might have to wait until the next run to make your dish.
  4. Improvise if you cannot get certain items. You can often look up and find alternatives.  We made sushi in our house. Though we did not have a bamboo sushi matt, we were able to find a great alternative of plastic wrap and a dishtowel.
  5. Once you have all the ingredients, let the house know what you will be making: breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever you are preparing for that day.
  6. Turn on some great music and go for it. Enjoy and share!

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