Sit Spot

by: Elliot Siegrest Jones

You will need:

  • Your eyes
  • Your ears
  • Nothing else!

How to do it:

  1. Pick a spot outside where you feel comfortable sitting for a length of time. 10-15 minutes is fine – only go longer if you think you can commit to it.
  2. Settle in. Pay attention to what you see, but also to the sounds you hear and where they’re coming from.
  3. Try to notice patterns. What kinds of plants are growing where? If you see animals, where are they? What are they doing? Take a couple of deep breaths and imagine what it’s like to be one of the animals that use the space.
  4. The longer and more often you sit, the more you’ll see. Most common animals have the capacity to recognize humans, and many are more likely to “act natural” if you’re familiar.
  5. When you see something really interesting, write it down or remember it for next time!


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