Sam Green has one of the most amazing desk spaces around. Situated right in front of the stairs and straight in front of the entryway, it certainly makes a lot of people smile. When it came time for the Farm & Wilderness year-round staff switching to working from home to keep up with social distancing protocols, Sam made sure her new work set up brought lots of joy too. Take a look!


Those up there are some of the great details of her desk at the office. Now see what she says about why certain pieces are highlights in her at home office.

From Sam: Those sneakers I’m wearing are the ones I keep at my desk in winter, to wear when I take my boots off. I brought them home and when I start work for the day, I take off my slippers and put on my work shoes. It’s a small thing but it helps me get into a similar habit of settling in for the day like I used to do in the office. They also glow in the dark, which I never got to see at the office, so I made sure to see what the glow is like here. Very cool. Glow in the dark happens to be my favorite color.

I have some different legos at home than the ones at work. The ones I usually have at work are a collection of assorted minifigures from my childhood and now, including building my own at the LEGO stores. I’m a big harry potter fan, so I also have quite a few of those sets. I did decide to showcase my women of NASA set on my home desk, and am thinking they actually might come back to the office with me this time. As a kid, I always coveted the idea of space camp, though I never even think I made it known to my parents I would have wanted to go! And I was also quite happy with the day camps I did get to go to.

On my screens are live feeds from the Georgia Aquarium. I am a huge fan of aquariums and the Georgia one is the end all be all! It’s huge. When I went there, I went on my own. It was really the first time I ever did anything like that on my own. Other trips and museum visits and the like had always been with friends, family, school trips, etc. I remember realizing how nice it was to make all the decisions myself and go at only my own pace and based on my own interests.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Have you done anything to your home to make it work for you while you are spending all of your time there? We’d love for you to send us photos or videos! Share them on social media or e-mail them to us. Take care!

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