At Indian Brook, there are so many amazing things to do and so many incredible people to meet. We don’t want anyone to miss a moment of magic. This summer we’ve added a few program and schedule supports to help all our campers have the best summer, make as many friends as possible, and enjoy the magic of camp. Take a look at what those updates look like for our Senior Lodge campers:

  • You’ll go out on your trips first! This will give you a solid block of time when you return to do your apprenticeships and do a few combined activities with Timberlake’s senior lodge. 
  • You’ll get a chance to rotate through a sample of all of the apprenticeships when you return from your trip so you can get the best idea possible of which apprenticeship you would like to sign up for. We won’t have a pre-sign up for apprenticeships this season, as we’d like you to get to see them all before you commit.  
  • You’ll still sign up for your trip preferences before camp, and we’re going to try to create a system where more people get their first choice… More info to come as we explore an online tool that will help us with that.  

Keeping camp magical and fun is something we take seriously and doesn’t happen by accident. Lots of careful planning goes into each summer of camp. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for you at camp this season! 

Have a wonderful winter and spring,

Theresa and the Indian Brook staff team 

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