This has certainly been a lambing season full of surprises!

  • Spotty, born at Farm & Wilderness 16 years ago and thought not to be carrying a baby, decided to surprise us all with a big baby girl now named Stella! Spotty, with her age, cannot produce enough milk to feed her new lamb. Thankfully, another ewe has accepted Stella and she is strong and healthy.
  • It has been weeks of waiting and watching for Gertie and Sasparilla to give birth – the last of our ewes to do so. On Sunday, Gertie finally decided it was time and had two boy lambs. We are hoping Sasparilla will follow her lead soon.
  • Meanwhile, back in the barn, Ella decided she was going to deliver early on us, so we now have three very tiny goat kids curled up together, two girls and a boy. Still more babies expected from our goats Ester and Clementine.
  • Maise is also due with her first calf in May/June!

It is an exciting time at the farm with all of these new little ones around. Stay tuned for more updates during this exciting time.

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