At IB, there are so many amazing things do, and so many incredible people to meet- we don’t want anyone to miss a moment of magic. This summer we’ve added a few programs and schedule supports to help all our campers have the best summer ever, make as many friends as possible, and enjoy the magic of camp. 

First and Big Lodge campers will see these updates: 

  • Trips will happen a little later in the session after Senior Lodge goes out on their trip. This will give campers a chance to get to know each other and their counselors, to participate in outdoor living skills activities prior to the trip, and to nest into camp life. 
  • The two-morning activities will be in 3-day cycles, and you’ll have 4 cycles for each session. Each cabin has its own unique schedule for mornings. So, as an example, your cabin might start with swim lessons first activity, then boating second activity. You’d do that for 3 days. Then, you’ll have 2 different activities in the morning for 3 days. This will help you get to know your activity staff and help you build some skills in each activity area.

Take a look at what a sample cabin’s schedule would look like this summer

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