Hi everyone. My name is Carter Clark. I was introduced to F&W last summer with my role as the photographer at Timberlake. Those months were enlivening for so many reasons. As a photographer, I was able to roam around between activities and capture all of the most exciting parts of the summer. All of you know that Farm and Wilderness is a unique and fascinating program. The culture, ethics, and energy of the place have been shaped by a powerful history. Not surprisingly, I was introduced to the experience by a crew of top-notch individuals who impacted me from day one. 

Gauging my enthusiasm for a spot is often as simple as seeing what I go out of my way to photograph. A couple of days into my F&W experience, I found myself huddled on the steep bank of Bear Pit with a precariously placed tripod shooting the Milky Way. That was it. Clearly, I was excited about where I was. 

Fast forward a few months – through the summer’s all-camp games and cabin cookouts and the fall’s road trips to Mexico and endless climbing photo assignments – and I have found myself back here. This time, I am in the Main Office. I just accepted the role of Communications Manager, which will allow me to bring my talents in media and marketing to this space. There are endless stories to come from this community. The chance to bring those to light in big ways excites me to no end.  

On my first day of work, I arrived at a campus blanketed in snow. Walking down to the lake, I realized I should keep my micro-spikes in my car, as afternoon jaunts around the property take a lot more attention when the paths are riddled with ice. In a few weeks, there will be new excitement and fresh faces here for the ice cutting event. Capturing and sharing all of this is going to be a wild ride. There is so much to learn from all of you in the experience. I’m ready for the wild ride. Really looking forward to seeing you all in a few months for another amazing summer.  


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