When I was a Timberlake camper, I had no plans to leave, ever. Between feeding the pigs, canoeing, camping on Paradise Island, logging expeditions, and all-camp games, TL kept me busy and was so much fun! I had my friends, I knew and loved the routines and rituals of Timberlake, so why should I ever go elsewhere? But, I turned 15 and was no longer the right age for Timberlake. There was no Questers program back then, so my only option was Tamarack Farm, a different world from what I knew and loved. I knew I didn’t want to leave F&W, so I signed up for Tamarack Farm with a little anxiety.

As it turned out, I loved it. I DID have friends there who aged up with me and it didn’t take long to get comfortable with the traditions and rituals of my new F&W camp. At Tamarack Farm, I discovered my love of cooking and I made friends that summer who are still my friends 37 years later!

Now I’m an expert at switching camps, having been a counselor at Tamarack Farm, Flying Cloud, and Saltash Mountain. My nephews are also both experienced switchers, having gone from the BDC to TL to SAM (and one of them on to Long Trail Questers).

Every switch has been a little stressful, but super rewarding. Timberlake will always be my first F&W camp, but I’m so glad it wasn’t my only one. Attending more than one camp has exposed me to a lot of amazing people and has given me a far richer experience than if I’d just stayed at one camp forever.

-Sam Arfer, Admissions Director

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