By Megan, Barn Day Camper, Age 10

Have you ever gone to a place where everything just clicks? Where you feel absolutely perfect? Where you’re just so happy? Well, that’s what Farm and Wilderness does for me.

When I walk into Farm and Wilderness, I feel the presence of old times. The rainbow circle welcomes me as if it’s saying, “Remember me?” I absorb the low hum of the animals and the sunshine. Then, I see my best friend, Sylvie, running towards me. After the long year apart, it’s good to see her.

After morning meeting, we go into the main barn to put our bags down. Then, we rush down to the changing rooms for our morning swim lesson. As I take off my shoes, I feel the dry wood under my feet reminding me of good times. When I take the winding, twirling, spiraling shortcut down to the water, I feel the wet, spongy ground under my feet. When I get down to the lake, the sand welcomes my toes as if saying, “Play with me! Play with me!” Then I walk to the wet, slippery dock and jump into the water. When I start to swim around, I can see the sun waltzing its way through the water.

I love spending my free time rolling down the big hills and running in my bare feet while the grass tickles my toes and the golden sunshine warms my face. In the afternoons, you can always find me either climbing the rock wall, swimming in the water at the lake, or whittling in the art barn. I love eating lunch on the big rock that overlooks everything and being deep in thought at silent meeting, with the trees and pine needles as my carpeting. I love the songs we sing and the big camping trip at the end of the session.

Farm and Wilderness is so special to me for these reasons and beyond. It is my number one happy place and my second home. I love it to another solar system and back.

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