We had our first and only Honoring of second session 2019 a few days ago, and the fire is still smoldering despite some intermittent rain. The fire isn’t the only thing the rain hasn’t put out – spirits are high at Flying Cloud. Perhaps going out on trips has brought us all closer, perhaps the warm glow of the Honoring still lingers in our hearts, maybe we’re all just glad to have our Earthwalkers back with us. In any case, Flying Cloud feels like a very happy place to be. Here are the Flying Cloud Words that were given to those spoken for at this summer’s final Honoring ceremony, as a reflection of the best qualities we recognize in them.



Fire tears across the sky
Coyote’s song, an earthly cry
To brilliant light, so fast and high
Tanakehrahne K.

The kingfisher’s nest
Beneath strong roots laid bare
Atop the steep bank of a gentle stream
Fuxin W.

Lights the hearth, holds the fire
A gift of warmth
The night grows brighter
Adam G.

Guardian of kin
Keeper of dreams
The bear shares its song
Owen A.

Where the river meets the sea
Among reeds tinged with gold
The loon rides the currents
Chris F.

Beneath the constellations, coals glow
The gentle light of home
Guiding us towards rest
Reuben W.

These Words will serve as a guide for those who hold them, to recall what was spoken at their Honoring and to hold themselves to the greatness that others see in them.
Til next time,


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