Our intrepid adventurers have returned to the Clearing, carried by tired legs and a yearning for a good night’s rest in a place that felt more and more like home the longer they spent away from it. That’s right, trips are back and Flying Cloud is once again a vibrant little community in the woods, bound together all the more by the warmth of seeing friends after time apart and the excitement of swapping stories of the last few day’s undertakings. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

Jay Peak – an intense hiking trip in Northern Vermont, our oldest campers’ hard work was rewarded with magnificent views and a deep sense of accomplishment. A nearly 4,000 foot summit afforded some of the best views around, the kind of summit that vindicates a sweaty back and sore legs like no other.

Little Rock Pond – A local area hike that’s all about enjoying the journey and the destination. Little Rock Pond trippers summit local mountains Pico, Killington, and Shrewsbury, enjoying resplendent views and gaining a great sense of the lay of the local land. There’s always a lifeguard on this hike, because the group will stop to cool off and enjoy some of Vermont’s many excellent swimming holes along the way.

Green River Canoe – A canoeing trip that explores the Green River Reservoir in Vermont. Canoers had an easygoing time exploring the natural beauty surrounding them. Fishing, birding, and plenty of swimming are the day’s highlights. Lush, verdant banks bursting over with green growth provide a beautiful backdrop for the fun and adventure. A restful and energizing experience.

Of course, these are all the basic outlines – you’ll hear plenty of stories from your camper about what they did on their trip. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the stories get passed around over the next few days! So much to look forward to and what feels like so little time left in camp… I’m doing my best to live in the moment and be fully present for each experience.

All the same, with an Honoring, Earthwalk, and Fair around the corner, to name a few things, t’s going to be a fun packed final week of Flying Cloud. Stay tuned for updates!

Take care,


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