How fleeting and enduring summers are at camp! The First Session of Indian Brook 2019 is now a chapter closed behind us. What wild adventures we had exploring the Green Mountains and paddling our lakes and rivers. Thanks so very much to the families who shared their precious young ones with us for our first half of summer. I hope the remainder of your summer is breezy, carefree, and your adventures take you on happy trails.

Our Second Session of camp is now officially underway and what a wonderful start it has been! Thank you so much to our families who demonstrated the patience, politeness, and sweetness needed to make our check-in process flow smoothly and be welcoming. Campers are thoroughly enjoying the new (camper built) Ga Ga pit. The evening air last night was full of the sounds of laughter, happy running feet, and bustling cabin life. I awoke at 5:30 this morning to nearby cabins already excitedly preparing for their first day of camp. Our session is officially underway!

In just a few short days the First and Big Lodges will begin preparing for their overnight trips. Senior Lodge Apprenticeships will begin, and our preparations for Someday (video of someday below) and Fair will launch. How quickly the days will pass us by, filled with the activities and friendships of camp.

Our weekly blogs for the remainder of the session will contain updates from both our Lodge Directors and our Activity Area Directors. These communications will provide highlights of camp and lodge programs, and share a little insight into your camper’s experiences. Any communications about individual campers will be through direct contact with your Lodge Director, Nurse, or other camp leadership staff.

Enjoy these lazy dog days of summer, and thank you again for being a part of the Indian Brook and Farm & Wilderness family!

Happy Trails,


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