The start of Week 3 is here at Indian Brook and is the turning point of our camp session. As things wrap up, campers in our First and Big Lodge have been bustling away within our Activity Area morning rotations working until the sound of the bell which signifies a switch to a new activity. Each camper has the opportunity to experience each Activity Area about 4-to-5 times as they rotate with their cabin.

Campers cycle through Creative Arts, Canoeing, Work Projects, Barns and Gardens as well as Outdoor Living Skills. These mornings have been chock full of projects that are designed to build skills and promote camper creativity and resiliency.

In Barns and Gardens, our campers learned a bit about entomology (the study of insects). We watched as ladybug larvae evolved to pupa stage inevitably becoming adult ladybugs that were then released into our garden atop the Apple Orchard. We learned that ladybugs are an important part of pest management, plant protection, and are perhaps the smallest member of our community.

In the first rotation of Creative Arts for First Lodgers, we taught them how to make friendship bracelets. Now at Week 3, we are immersed within a community full of spiral staircases, chevrons, and candy stripes. The names of the patterns are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the creativity that our campers bring to these bracelets. Meticulously selected colored patterns, sweet notes alongside intentionally made gifts. Our campers have really embraced the beauty of connecting with others through these bracelets.

In Outdoor Living Skills, our campers have mastered the art of fire-making and ax work. Whether it be log cabins, lean-tos, wet-water… campers have been eager to show their fire-making skills.

Time spent at Work Projects has been dedicated to creating new doors for our Big Lodge Shower house and new trail ladders for a high traffic path that runs from the main lawn towards the Big Lodge hill. Both of which are expected to be finished before the session comes to a close.

Down at the waterfront, our campers have been learning the intricacies of canoeing as they make their way to different points along the Woodward Reservoir. In the bow of the canoe, they serve as the powerful force of paddling, those most experienced get to be in the stern and steer the canoe. For those still getting the hang of the strokes, they practice in the position our Waterfront Director, Taylor has coined “royalty” (in the middle of the canoe). They are all working to create the muscle memory needed as they work towards the bow and stern positions.

With Week 3 coming to its end, we know that adventure awaits for the fourth and final week at Indian Brook this session! We look forward to seeing first session families from 9 to 11 AM on Friday the 16th for pick-up and second session families on July 21 for drop-off from 1-4 PM (Welcome Reception from 11-12:45 PM).

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