The woods around Flying Cloud are filled with spirits, and last night they came out to play and dance with us as we celebrated the newest members of our great big Flying Cloud community. Campers worked on an immense fire all day so that we could sing and dance the night away in its flickering glow. Amidst the festivities we also found time to speak for those who spent the day before on their Quest, a 24-hour inward journey of solace, reflection, and silence. We at Flying Cloud considered what was lost in their absence, what we loved and appreciated most about them, and then spoke to those things communally during the Honoring Fire. Those Flying Cloud Words liken a camper to elements of nature and the world around us. Here are the new Words that were given last night.

Felix H.

A joyous call to all the night

The forest seen from silent flight

Charlie M.

A coyote’s path

Beneath snow bent bows

Cupfuls of shadow in the glowing moonlight

Reuben S.

Hearts turn to peace

In the shade of an oaken grove

Ethan A.

Lifeblood of the Earth flows forth

Clear and cool

Heads bow in silent thanks

Milo M.

Strong currents run deep

A glowing path for glinting rays

Cuts through the land

These are the Words which the Flying Cloud Questers will carry with them in their hearts during their time at Flying Cloud and their journeys through life to remember that which was spoken for them that night.

We finished the week with Interdependence Day!! Check out our song below.

Now we are off for trips! More to come soon!


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