All campers go out on trips at Timberlake. I believe firmly that it’s an essential part of growing our young Timberlakers – equal parts fun at the time and fun in telling the stories of overcoming struggle, together. Our oldest boys (Senior Lodge and the older cabins of Big Lodge) went out on the following trips this past week: 

  • Monadnock 
  • Skyrunners 
  • Little Rock Pond 
  • Mahoosucs 
  • Maine Canoe (Canoeing) 
  • Adirondack Adventure (Climbing) 

For many, it was a mini hero’s adventure of their own. During pack-out I saw nervous and excited faces, all wondering what their trip would be like. It hit me, standing there in Ken’s Lodge, that these same campers were feeling the same things of so many before them in that very space. Trips can be nerve-racking, but more often than not, become an adventure that campers are proud to have tackled 

While half of the camp is out on trips, the rest of the camp stays back. During “Small Camp” the Upper Lodge is noticeably quieter during meals, Silent Meeting is a bit more silent, and the Monster has way more room during General Swim. With half the kids, counselors can try some new camp magic before introducing it to the whole community. We played a brand new game, “Taskmaster,” where campers had to complete many small challenges around camp, including making a sculpture on the waterfront in the likeness of the waterfront head, stacking plates and cups as high as they could, and coming up with some new dance moves. We tried out new songs in the morning and had a special chance for the youngest campers to simply take over camp as their own.  

Now we’re all back to our normal size and busy getting ready for Interdependence Day. So excited for our song – in fact, I’m goin make my way down the old camp road to go get ready.  

Camp magic on the trail and in the woods, y’all  

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