Instead of a celebration with fireworks and sparklers in early July, all of the Farm & Wilderness camps come together on July 5 for Interdependence Day on a grassy hillside and lawn.

This event in the July Session highlights the interconnectivity of each of the eight F&W camps and programs.  While some camps, such as Timberlake and Indian Brook, gather together periodically during the summer, our Interdependence Day provides a space for all of the camps to get together and appreciate how each camp helps the others. For example, the food Tamarack Farmers grow during the summer is shared with Timberlake, Indian Brook and Barn Day Camp kitchens and nourishes campers.

The day features an all-camps parade, a skit by Saltash Mountain Camp, and a unique parody song by each of the other camps. The event concludes with ice-cream (a super special treat around here), music, dancing, and a bonfire.  Our Interdependence Day is a smaller, more intimate, all-camp affair for the first session campers than the public gathering of F&W Fair at summer’s end.

When you write to your campers, ask them what they did for Interdependence Day. If you’re an alum, what are your memories of Interdependence Day?

WATCH the 2017 Interdependence Day Highlight Reel:

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