Loons, hawk, chickens, moth
Porcupines, wild turkeys
Bats, fish, and moon

Patiently waiting
For campers to arrive soon
Counselors and loon

So many things that
We have to do for the kids
How will we finish?

First aid for camping
Mental health too! Campers we’re
Here to care for you

To clean and prepare
May seem tedious at first
But we cannot wait

Thunder and lightning
Rain turns our trails to rivers
We are not deterred

Rocks and ropes training
Picking all our cool cabin themes
SAM Camp has great fun

Adult camp is hard
It’s not the same at SAM Camp
Without the campers

Friends let’s start at dawn
Oatmeal, love made visible
Longest day all year

Paint, glue, and markers
Where do all these costumes go?
Look out for glitter!

New strings on guitars
Pull out your favorite song cards
Singing on the hill!

Weeks into training
We anticipate campers
It’s much too quiet

The dishes are washed
Crayons and yarn in their bins
Chickens coming soon

Jumping in the lake
Singing with friends old and new
Oh, I love SAM camp

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