Meet AlexisRecently, I found a letter that my 10-year-old self wrote to my parents while at summer camp. Besides being homesick, all I could talk about was the counselors – how they provided a space for me to explore the parts of my identity that needed and wanted to be seen, heard, and developed. One of my last most rewarding tasks before I step down as Indian Brook director has been interviewing potential summer camp counselors. This is what they have to say about working at camp for this summer:

“After a day at camp or on a trip, I want kids to say, ‘If I can do that, I can do most things.'”

“We have to be careful with young people so they just don’t regurgitate words that they hear. I want to help them think about how they can really care for each other.”

“I want to model what I felt after a long hike: I had to have faith of my own two legs and loved being around trees.”

“I believe that education at a mostly girls camp is a way to remove some of the stress and oppression that comes when other male identified kids and teachers are involved.”

“When those devices are gone, I’ve found the human connection is better. Looking forward to playing frisbee, soccer, banana grams or connect four with campers!”

“I expect to learn from F&W how to balance joy and fun with serious topics of identity and accountability. I expect to learn how hard work and appreciation of natural beauty can be woven fundamentally into that process. And I expect to learn how to provide the intensive support, love, and trust for a productive socially just community.”

To hear more and meet some of these amazing staff, check out the staff introductions on the Indian Brook Summer Camp Facebook Page.



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