“I’m the King of the World” shouts Jack Dawson on the deck of the Titanic. It’s an iconic scene because we are all wired to feel a sense of infinite possibility when we embark on a journey.

Our 2019 summer staff are arriving and their journey is beginning. While they are tasked with preparing the stage and making the camp magic – their journey is very much an adventure as well. They are also casting aside the comfort of their home, family, and familiar friendship groups, including their online interactions, to embark on a new journey of wilderness, community, and service. Almost two-thirds of our staff at Timberlake are returning, yet that doesn’t change the fact that every summer is its own expedition. I believe everyone who comes here is looking for the riches of personal growth that comes from stepping off from the firm land of the familiar and setting sail for new experiences.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating the first arrivals of the 2019 Timberlake summer community. Everything we do over the next weeks to make this the richest experience for every camper at Timberlake and all of Farm & Wilderness. Being a member of this participatory community is even better than being the king of any world.

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