The age-old saying that “no news is good news” is often true about not getting letters home.  But there are a few things you can do to encourage those precious letters home.

1. Pack some stamped, self-addressed “peel and seal” envelopes. The regular ones tend to weld shut in summer humidity. Include some blank envelopes too, your child may want to write to someone other than you too.

2. Postcards are great too.  Many kids don’t have a lot of experience letter writing, so a small blank space can really help.

Download our mad lib style postcards home here:

3. Write your child and ask them questions about camp (yes, we have a Mad Lib postcard for you too, parents). Your questions may not get answered, but they might inspire a response!

4. Sometimes campers write letters home describing their homesickness. While this may be difficult to read, it is important to remember that most cases of homesickness tend to be brief. Campers quickly get caught up in the routines of camp life and are generally too busy to be homesick for long. And then they forget to write and tell you they aren’t homesick anymore.

5. If you have any concerns or questions about your child or something they’ve written to you, the best thing to do is call or email your camp director.

6. It worth saying again, ‘no news is good news.’ Camp is about fun and friends and sometimes letters fall to the wayside.  And don’t worry, you’ll be hearing stories about camp for the rest of your life!

Have a great summer!!

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