What a summer! Three out of 4 summer staff (75%) participated in F&W’s giving program and collectively gave over $2,700 dollars — that’s over half of the tuition for one session at camp! We’re so grateful to our hard-working staff and inspired by their generosity and commitment.

“This place changes lives. I would love to keep watching that happen.”

-Nicco, TL Arts Director

“I have witnessed children break out of their shell and develop in self-awareness.”

-Drew, IB Cabin Counselor

“I’ve seen the way campers (that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to come here) have grown and benefited from the experience.”

-Colleen, SAM Assistant Director

Currently, about 15% of current camp families participate in F&W’s giving program. This fall, a group of 2018 camper families issued a special challenge to encourage other 2018 camper families to join them in supporting campers. A gift of any size will be matched with $3 for every $1 donated up to a total of $6,000.

The families issuing the challenge would like to get 2018 parent participation up to at least 25% because tuition doesn’t cover the cost of camp. The level of participation from a community is important for several reasons. High participation rates inspire other donors to give and help when applying for grants from outside organizations. Most importantly, it offers young people the increased chance to experience transformational summers that help shape them into the global citizen they’ll become. Young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity, if not for your participation and support.

Your participation in F&W’s giving program has a lasting ripple effect that benefits campers and the whole F&W community. As Victoria, a BDC Counselor, shared, “I love who I am thanks to this place. If there’s a chance I can give that magic to anyone else, it’s worth it.”

We hope that you’ll consider making a year- end gift and share the magical experience of F&W.

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