You might think that since we only bury a time capsule every 10 years, we would only get the excitement of uncapping a time capsule every 10 years as well. However, since the tradition has been to bury the time capsule, forget the location and lose the map, 2018 Fair-goers received a bonus unveiling of the 1996 time capsule.

Adrian Singleton (SAM ’06-’08, Q ’09-’11, Staff ’12, ’16,’17) has become quite the capsule hound! If you were lucky enough to witness the 2016 Fair Skit, you were present as Adrian unbelievably found the lost 2006 time capsule during the skit about finding the lost 2006 time capsule. It was magical!

Well, the treasure hunting bug had bitten Adrian and soon after, he put his nose to the ground again, searching for yet another lost time capsule. It wasn’t long before he was blowing the dust off an old map found deep in the F&W archives. The map, prepared by Andy Davis, displayed an array of dotted lines, x’s, and arrows and a note from Jack Hunter to Maddy Fox that described the location for the ’96 capsule:

30 feet from the big white pine triangulated at 84 feet from the telephone pole between the spillway and the dam.

Not at all discouraged by the cryptic map and only encouraged by the note, over Harvest Weekend 2017, Adrian recruited help from Colleen Bumford (Staff ’11-’18) and they triangulated and dug up that 1996 time capsule 22 years after its burial!

Way to go Adrian! You proved to us again that Farm & Wilderness is magical and you get out what you put in… even if it is years later!

Time Capsule Contents!

• Life size wire and duct tape hand
• TF shingle from All women’s project of rebuilding Pendragon.
• Illustration from FC of “the Gift of Rain” Tipi skin also with a list of Questers…
• List of how TFers describe themselves during TF Identity Night
• Book of SAM Camp trail food recipes
• A SAM camp official guide to dancing to ska music
• SAM camp cabin list
• A piece of rebuilt Rosa Parks Cabin from IB
• The lyrics to the 96 IB 4th of July rap
• A piece of TF work project of building the “little cabin in the woods” by the meeting circle
• A Timberlake cabin list
• A Harwick (Matt Marks) designed fair poster
• An August 6th issue of the New York Times (Bob Dole on the cover) • The remains of the deconstructed Satilla cabin
• A piece of a TL noodle from H2O Olympics
• One of Leslie Sullivan’s bleached dreadlocks
• The tail from the TF tiger box
• A piece of IB’s popped tetherball
• A bottle of Lake Ninevah projects
• A picture of India Angell Lord (born in 95) TLs youngest camper!
• The SAM camp Hello Scraper
• A piece of the SAM meeting circle
• The SAM camp white glove and White Glove notebook
• A TL appreciation bead

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