The clearing now lays quiet and still but the energy of the shrieks and laughter that filled it up until just a few days ago seems to hang electric in the air and the trees and the ground, ready to be drawn forth and known at a moment’s notice. Perhaps that’s the energy that lives at Flying Cloud, imbued by years and years of Flying Clouders running, dancing, singing, and yelling their way through the space, and just being here in so many unique and beautiful ways. The last set of Words given this summer recognizes and reflects the unique beauty within the Flying Clouders to whom they belong.


Day lillies, drawn together by a web

Sunbeams sparkle on the strands


The dove rises with the sun

Weaving an oaken nest


The owl seeks the circle

In the morning glory field


Beneath the maple

The badger makes its home


Earth cradles the fire

As the sea finds it’s tide

Theo H

Loonsong echoes across the lake

To herald the dawn for all

Jack K

Cedar trunk holds the canopy
That grows forth in the spring

Welcoming new nests


The wolf stalks the hills

Daybreak reveals new paths

The magic of Flying Cloud lives in these Words and will be carried within the hearts of those who know them. Flying Cloud isn’t gone now that the session has ended, it’s just carried like torches by all Flying Clouders the world over in their journeys throughout the year, joining anew like a great fire every summer and burning all the brighter for the scope and depth of experiences we all bring back with us. I can’t wait to see what next summer’s fire will look like. Until then, we can all do our best to find and create warmth and light of spirit wherever we find ourselves.
Til next time,

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