The last week at Tamarack farm is full of affirmation, celebration, and integration (as well as cleaning and packing).  As I heard one of our teens report to the board of Trustees this morning,

“Tamarack Farm isn’t a summer camp, it’s an educational program.”

As an experiential education program rooted deeply in our values, at the end of the summer we reflect on how we can integrate what we’ve learned here into new experiences elsewhere.  At our final town meeting, one of the topics was “What will you take with you from Tamarack Farm.”  I wanted to share a few of the responses:

“The idea of respect we have here.”

“I will take the experience that everyone plays a role in the community and everyone has to contribute and has an impact.”


“Real friendships.”

“I’m going to be more flexible.”

“I want to take home habits I’ve developed here.”

“My ability to connect.”

“I’m going to call people out more when they’re doing/ saying messed up [hurtful] things.”

“The ability to work past discomfort.”

“Everything I’ve learned about hard work and that the hard work done within a community is worth it.”

“The skills of facilitation, patience, and mediation from the Counselor Apprenticeship program.”

“The realization that I don’t have to be my only support system.”

“The body talk rule has impacted me so positively, and it’s wonderful.”

“Good relationships, and dope farm skills.”

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