Smiles and laughter were abound despite Vermont’s fast and frequent downpours at the Grove this past week. In addition to a few cool afternoon blueberry harvest sessions, campers prepared for their solos by practicing their fire building and shelter making skills. Some kids even built a tripod for lamb jerky to take with them. The day and night of the 24-hour solo was sunny and dry, making for a quiet and enjoyable time for campers to settle into their sites and experience time alone in the wilderness. During our solo story sharing, campers shared their journal entries and thoughts and experiences from the previous day and night. Much of the sharing centered around themes of deep appreciation for all the parts of nature that make up the world, how everything interacts with each other, and how each person is also a part of that interconnection. Campers also shared newfound comfort with bugs and with just being by themselves.

After the solos, campers prepared for an RSG passion show, during which songs were sung, favorite books were read aloud, and other seemingly nonsensical acts and costumes were presented! For the past few days, campers have been focused on making final progress on their various personal projects (spoons, vests, bracelets) and on their affirmations for each other. The blueberry harvest days paid off when we turned our berry collection to mash and made jam over the fire!

It’s been a beautiful last few days at the grove!  See you at Fair!

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