The Classic Questers have had an adventurous trip!  They met each challenge with optimism and a spirit of unity. It gives me great hope to see a group of co-ed 15 year-olds bond together to ensure each other’s safety, sense of belonging and share their unique gifts and perspectives with one another.

Our trip began in Maine paddling about 20-25 miles, across 4 lakes and a river, with near-persistent headwinds and lots of rain! On our second to last canoe day, we carried our packs and canoes for a 4-mile portage (that we were actually able to shorten a mile by canoeing across another pond). When some campers got tired, others jumped in and helped out. Their attitude of cheerful service toward one another was persistent throughout this challenging first week.

In New Hampshire, we swapped our canoes for boots and spent 7 days backpacking through the White Mountains, on the most difficult part of the Appalachian Trail, and topped the week off with a summit of Mount Washington.

Finally, we returned to Vermont to enjoy some rock climbing!  Our group had a variety of experience with climbing prior to this week and everybody exceeded their own expectations. By the end of Wednesday, they were timing themselves to see how fast they could complete the different routes.

After a delicious grilled cheese dinner we are back to SAM Camp!  See you at Fair!!

Marissa, Quester Coordinator

Will, Classic Quester Leader

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