From Beth Bird, IB Trips Coordinator

This week our Senior Lodge campers are out on their 5-day trips, while our Big Lodge and First Lodge Campers are recently back from their trips. First Lodge backpacked on F&W property for 3 days and 2 nights with their cabin groups, hiking two to three miles per day – a challenging distance for their age. Big Lodge campers went on canoe trips, backpacking trips, and rock climbing in various locations in Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Adirondacks. Despite an intense heat wave, spirits were good when trips returned. When I asked the campers on Monadnock, our most challenging Big Lodge hike, how their trip went, they burst into song!

Campers all had stories of Type II fun (things that are fun in retrospect, but challenging when they happen), but also recounted lots of things that were fun at the time. On the Green River canoe trip campers paddled to a big rock, ate lunch, and jumped into the reservoir to swim. Beautiful sunsets awed the campers at Long Lake in the Adirondacks. Monadnock campers loved relaxing on the shores of Lake Solitude after a long day’s hike along the ridge. A highlight for a camper on the Stratton Pond trip was hiking to the top of Stratton Mountain and seeing the view from the fire tower.

“We could see how far we’d come, and I got to touch the top of a tree. I’d never done that before.”

Sitting on the cliffs overlooking a gorgeous mountain lake was a stand-out moment for the folks on Little Rock Pond, while the OLS Ninevah trip relished cooking pancakes for breakfast and passing their knife tests.

Check out this camper-made lesson on lily pads! More soon…


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