From Colleen Bumford, SAM Assistant Director

The preparation for our Interdependence Day skit was a whirlwind of activity here at SAM. We began the skit-writing process with a brainstorming meeting between campers and staff over lunch. In a matter of just 3 days were “on stage” at the base of the hill performing in front of all the other camps (approx. 600 ppl). It took contributions by all to create our finished product, with every camper devoting at least some of their daily activity time to skit preparation. In the days leading up to the performance campers spent several activity periods adding their own personal touches to the show, some weaving the storyline into songs to be sung between scenes, others creating storm clouds with dangling raindrops, or giant boulders for the final Stone Circle scene, while others practiced bringing their characters to life with enthusiastic and booming delivery.

The theme of the skit was “values lost and found.” SAM campers gave a performance that brought the Farm & Wilderness ideals of interdependence to life. In the storyline of the skit, a “darkness” falls upon Saltash Mountain and the campers must take a journey to the fabled “Stone Circle.” As the campers travel – water bottles and PB&J sandwiches in tow – they hike through the various Farm & Wilderness camps, discovering the lost values along the way. The content of the skit provided us with ample opportunity for metaphor and lessons around the importance of working together, as did the collaborative process of skit preparation.

Now, with a successful grand production behind us, the focus has shifted back toward the small group challenges. Just a day after our performance we set to packing out for trips once again, this time for long trips where everyone will be out for a total of six days and five nights, rock climbing in the Adirondacks, paddling canoes along the Rangeley lakes of New Hampshire, or backpacking throughout Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont.

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