Hard to believe campers will be arriving in just 2 weeks!! We, of course, cannot wait! Opening day is one of our favorite days of the year.  So how is packing coming?  Below is the packing list for our overnight camps.  You can also download this list here. If you have any questions, please contact your camp director.

Overnight Camps Packing List

Please LABEL EVERYTHING that you send to camp this summer with your child. It is most helpful if you label each item with full initials or last name so we can identify items if found. If an item is not labeled and is left behind at camp, we cannot guarantee its return. Labels that cannot be washed or ripped off are the best for our rugged camp environment.


  • One pillow
  • Two pillowcases
    • Plus, one of the following bedding options:

    • Option 1: Two sets of fitted and flat twin-size sheets with 2 blankets.
    • Option 2: Two sets of twin-sized sheets, one blanket, and a sleeping bag.
    • Option 3: A sleeping bag and one wool or microfleece blanket.**

** Flying Cloud and Red Spruce Grove campers must choose option 3 for bedding.

Clothing Items

  • Three-four pairs of regular socks – cotton or some other suitable material.
  • Four-six pairs of wool socks – to be worn with the boots. These can be a wool/nylon blend but should be at least 80% wool.
  • One pair of boots – for working and hiking. Be sure boots fit well, are broken in and are comfortable before you come to camp. Leather boots are great while using an ax in camp.
  • One pair of sneakers.
  • One pair of lightweight footwear/sandals- great in the showers.
  • Two – three bras – if appropriate, with at least one sports style bra.
  • Four – six t-shirts.
  • Two additional tops – for layering that are made of polypro, wool, or cotton/poly
  • Two long-sleeved shirts.
  • Two pairs of long pants – nylon, fleece, polypro, or wool with one heavier weight, i.e. thick jeans or work pants.
  • One pair of long underwear – (separate top and bottom) made of polypro, wool or Capilene (not cotton).
  • Two-three pairs of shorts – athletic style, loose fitting and preferably not below the knees.
  • One-two bathing suits.
  • One set of sleepwear.
  • One heavier sweater or jacket – made of wool or fleece that can be packed in a backpack. (Most of the summer is warm, but at night the temperature may drop into the 40’s fahrenheit).
  • Rain gear – a nylon poncho (that fits over you and your pack) or a set of raincoat/pants.
  • One brimmed hat – baseball cap or hat with a brim for sun protection.
  • One knit hat – wool or fleece for cooler weather.

Camping Equipment

  • Two sturdy water bottles – one-quart capacity each.
  • One frame backpack
    • internal or external frame.
    • A capacity of about 65 liters or more.
    • Whether bought or borrowed, be sure all straps and buckles are in
      working order.
    • Fill the interior with some heavy stuff, and then walk around in it for a while to make sure it is comfortable.
    • Daypacks and book packs are not adequate substitutes for a frame pack.
  • One sleeping bag and stuff sack.
    • Synthetic fill (Polarguard, Quallofill, Hollofil, etc.).
    • With a nylon shell (not cotton).
    • This must fit into the sleeping compartment or strap securely to the outside of camper’s pack (please bring straps).
    • This could be the same sleeping bag used in camp.
  • One sleeping pad for trips – foam or lightweight inflatable pad.
  • Two or three pairs of liner socks – not cotton, to be worn under wool socks to help prevent blisters when breaking in new boots.
  • Two bandanas.
  • Eating utensils – for trail use include:
    • One sturdy plastic cup – plastic mugs with lids from convenience stores work well.
    • One 8-inch plate or shallow bowl – aluminum, stainless steel, or enamelware.
    • One stainless steel spoon and one fork.
    • One Container – to store all utensils.
  • One flashlight – with new and spare batteries. Your camper may like a flashlight that has a headlamp and strap, which enables them to keep their hands free. No flashlights at Flying Cloud.
  • One whistle – and a cord that fits over your head.

This item can be provided by F&W, let us know if you will need to borrow it by emailing or calling the director of your camp.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Toilet articles – in mesh or heavy-duty plastic sealable bag; including:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Soap
    • Biodegradable shampoo in a plastic
    • Try to pack enough for the entire stay.
  • One laundry bag – mesh if possible.
  • Menstrual supplies – and a plastic, sealable bag to hold them.
  • Sunblock – SPF 15 or higherMedications/vitamins – enough for the
    entire stay at camp and to be given to the camp nurse the first day.
  • Insect repellent – no aerosols, please. It is recommended to treat your clothing with
    permethrin spray prior to arrival.
  • One towel.
  • Stationery – with stamps already on envelopes in plastic sealable bags to keep the envelopes from sticking shut in humid weather.

Additional Items for Specific Camps


  • A wool or microfleece (stadium) blanket. Staying warm is staying healthy.

Flying Cloud

  • One wool or microfleece blanket.
  • Two 6’ x 8’ ground tarps (must be waterproof!).
  • Four – six utility candles.
  • Please do not bring flashlights or electronics of any kind. If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

Red Spruce Grove

  • One 6′ x 8′ ground tarp (must be waterproof!).

Optional Items

  • A daypack – for day hikes and in-camp use. A little draw-string bag to sling on your back works well for a book, notepad, light, fleece, etc.
  • A washable sleeping bag liner – for nights on the trail or hotter nights where you may not want to be in your sleeping bag.
  • Inexpensive, screen-less film camera – We take pictures during the summer and will post pictures for you to view/download.
  • No electronics of any kind at Flying Cloud.
  • Musical instrument – inexpensive and able to stand up to the rigors of a rustic environment.
  • Fixed-blade, sheath knife – no longer than 4” and with a non-serrated blade with sharpening stone. **
  • Camp Chair – Crazy Creek or another type of packable chair.
  • Compass.
  • Sketch pad – with crayons/pencils.
  • Leather gloves – for work projects.
  • Sunglasses – with a keeper strap.
  • Book – Reading is great and every child should have access to a book or graphic novel. We have a library with some popular books. We would prefer if you left magazines at home.
  • Games – Quick, easy and small board games/ Rubik’s cubes are welcome.
    Collectible card games (CCGs) where cards are valuable are to be left at home.
  • Sewing kit – We may sew, but this item is not “crucial”, considering we have an
    extensive arts and crafts area.
  • Dress-up items/costumes for skits – We have a fun costume room at camp for campers to borrow from but bring a favorite. Masks that hide the face are not allowed.
  • Rubber boots – for in-camp rainy days and for times in the barn.
  • Mosquito Screens – soft-mesh mosquito netting; this comes in standard sizes and can be tacked and draped around camper bunks as needed.

**KNIVES – We have knives campers may borrow during lessons. However, if you plan to purchase a knife for camp we recommend the two options below, these fit our fixed/locking blade requirements and have proven to be high functioning for the various activities we use knives.

Mora from Sweden. This link is for the model with a 3.6-inch blade.
Opinel from France. This link takes you to a 3.25-inch blade knife.

These tools are optional. We train and test our staff and campers to use these tools properly. Incorrect posture or other lapses in safety protocol will result in the temporary suspension of knife privileges until they have been re-tested.

Items that MUST be left at home by law, ACA regulation, or F&W policy:

  • Electronics – Cell phones, games, and other devices (iPods, MP3 players, video recorders, Kindles, etc.).
  • Food of any kind – Don’t help your camper smuggle in candy! Seriously, it just attracts rodents. No care packages full of edibles will be accepted and will be confiscated. And yes, we do check!
  • Valuable and irreplaceable items.
  • Hatchets.
  • Firearms – of any kind.
  • No smoking or illegal drugs allowed on the F&W property.
  • Knives – with blades longer than 4 inches (or multi-blade).
  • Candles – for the camps with enclosed wooden shelters.
  • Breakable bottles.
  • Aerosol sprays.

When prohibited items show up at camp, they are removed from the camper and only returned when the camper is going home.

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