Our staff are eager for your arrival. Here are some faces and names of the staff you will see on opening day. We are excited for your arrival so we can play in the dirt, sing, and appreciate all the gifts of our community together!

Megan- Director

Hi! I’m Megan (she, her, hers) and I’m excited to return for my sixth summer as IB Director. I love how much we practice living our values and grow from being challenged by working in this reflective community. I’m grateful to live a simple life with my partner in a tiny house in the backwoods of VT. When not at camp, you may find me in the yurt a few feet away doing yoga, swimming, or hiking up mountains, practicing guitar, or preparing to romp around camp with all these wonderfully curious campers! Most of my passion for camp comes from sleeping in canoes, singing around campfires, and constructing projects while I was a camper myself. Get ready for my this-is-way-too exciting-to-hold-it- in look…

Rel- Assistant Director

Hi All! My name is Rel (She/They) and this will be my fourth summer at IB and my second summer as Assistant Director. I find so much joy in building community and playing outside with campers and staff and love seeing folks swing hammers, climb mountains and get creative. In between summers I have been living in Seattle, working on farming and food justice, learning construction and woodworking skills, and facilitating outdoor and environmental programming.

Alexis – Program Director (PD)

What’s up IB?! I’m Alexis! I use they/them pronouns. This is gonna be my third summer returning to camp. I’ve had a feel for a few roles on support staff and am super stoked to take on this new position as PD. What I love about this place is the magic. Whether it be spur of the moment full costumed skits, conversations around identity and privilege, or a pick up soccer game while it rains on the lawn… this place gives me life! I’m happy to be a part of it with you all.

Rosie – Sensible Mental Health Person

Rosie (she/her) – SMHP ( Sensible Mental Health Person) My name is Rosie McInnes and I am so excited to be returning to IB in the role of Sensible Mental Health Person. I am a graduate of Bryn Mawr College where I studied French Literature, Theater and Creative Writing and currently call Cambridge, MA home. I work as a theater maker in Boston and at an after-school program at an elementary school (the school I grew up in!). I love writing poetry, swimming, riding my bike, salsa and contra dancing and playing basketball and tag!

Jennifer- First Lodge Director

Hello! I’m Jennifer (she, her, hers) and I am so excited to be coming to camp this summer! I’ve been living and teaching in Brooklyn, NY for many years, but can’t wait to get back to Vermont where I first fell in love with camp and the outdoors. I love to escape the city and ride my bike out to Jamaica Bay to search for birds and plants and tacos! I’m interested in urban sustainability and can get rather sidetracked by trying to identify street trees and urban plants (those resident beauties otherwise known as weeds).

Claire- Big Lodge Director

I’m Claire Kotarski (they/them or she/her), a recent Oberlin College graduate originally hailing from Los Angeles. In my first year at Indian Brook, I am so excited to build new relationships with campers and staff. At Oberlin, I was active as a cook in our student cooperative system, a Peer Advisor for first-year students, and a leader in interfaith dialogue initiatives. I love writing songs in my spare time and am eager to learn a whole new repertoire of camp tunes this summer!

Bella Sherlock – Senior Lodge Director

Hello! My name is Bella Sherlock and I very excited to be back at IB this summer as the Senior Lodge Director. I am from the UK and am currently studying Psychology at Sussex university in Brighton. I have worked with senior lodge for the past two summers and find their dedication to camp life continuously inspiring. The IB community is incredibly nourishing and I appreciate our commitment to growth and learning. At camp I love to go for a run around the lake and then jump in to cool off!

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